Lilydale Airport’s night of nights is on again! The 2018 Winter Dinner is on the night of Saturday 7 July, and we’re back in the warmth of the fire at Fergusson Winery. This is a fantastic evening when all the characters you generally meet around the airport come together in one spot and talk about anything and everything. On a cold July night, there is little better than standing in front of the open fire with a good Fergusson wine and laughing until your glass is empty.

The menu will be the traditional three courses with a spit-roast main and drinks at bar prices. After feedback from members we’ve made some adjustments to increase the socialising time: the start is 6.30 pm for 7.30 pm and we have no guest speaker. The focus is on us!

Tickets are $65 per head. We won’t have set tables unless you organise your own and let us know. The maximum on a table is 10. Anything over that will be broken into two tables (as it was last year).

There are two ways of getting yourself on the list.

Payment through Lilydale Flying Club

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Fill in the form and click SUBMIT. A pop-up window with bank account details will appear
  3. Transfer the ticket money to LFC. Make sure your name is in the comments
  4. Send a copy of the transaction confirmation to

Payment across the desk at the flying school

  1. Ask LFS staff to put your name and number of tickets on the special computer account for the Winter Dinner
  2. Pay over the counter in the usual way.

Please note: if you books with LFC you will need to pay with LFC. If you book over the counter you will have to pay over the counter.

See you all at Fergusson Winery!