Bunurong Trip Report

Seven aeroplanes from Lilydale carrying 14 people made the trip down to Bunurong Field at Inverloch last Sunday 27 January for a BBQ fly-in. It seemed others had the same idea, and around 30 aeroplanes and about 60 people showed up for a snag, hamburger and some very nice home-baked cakery. Bunurong is good, wide airport run by local man Michael Malone and home to his Cessna 182. It is also the home of the local RC club the Inverloch Flyers who suspended ops for the day and pitched in with the BBQ. Lilydale’s strong showing was matched by Peninsula Aero Club from Tyabb, who fronted up with a couple of Yaks and a CJ6, two Foxbats and a nice Beech 33. Three Lilydale aircraft flew in formation all the way from home to Bunurong, arriving over the top in vic before going to line astern for the pitch in to downwind runway 27. A bit of a fun arrival.

Dave Long and Cath Lincoln rolled up later after a nice run along the coast in Archer UQK

LFC’s club shrinking violets Tony and Angela photobomb as Jock taxis to the holding point in the background.

This Stampe and a Tiger Moth ran joyflights from Bunurong Field over the picturesque Andersons Inlet.

Sonex Aluminator shone in the sun.

This Pietenpol Camper was one of the more curious aircraft parked at Bunurong.

Mango and Ecky after a formation arrival.

This former Lilydale resident caught the eyes of LFC members.

Tony and Angela off the wing of CT4 “Mango” during the trip to Inverloch.

Dizzy leads them in as the formation wheels east over Wonthaggi.

A nice old C210. Note this is a very early model with the struts.

The gathering at Bunurong as the LFC formation rolls over head. If you look closely you can see Jock’s Bonanza and Doug’s Pipistrel.

Bob and Linda break overhead to pitch into crosswind as Tony and Angela in ECI wait their turn.

The LFC contingent was:

Bonanza JLF – Jock, Zara and Graeme

Cardinal DZP – Bob and Linda

Airtourer ECI – Tony and Angela

C172 NAY – Jenny and a visitor from Canberra Aero Club

Pipistrel Virus 8657 – Doug

Archer UQK – Dave and Cath

CT4 PTM – Murray and Steve