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    Standby AH (Artificial Horizon)

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    Having upgraded DZP to IFR I had concerns about failure of the vacuum pump. Had mine fail four years ago in VFR. Detected failure when scanning instruments and noticed that the AH progressively misaligned with visual horizon. Would not like to have this occur in the dark or in cloud. Although you may pick up a difference between the AH and the Turn Coordinator it’s still possible to  become an ugly statistic.

    Checking out some options I was spurred on by the Dynon D10A becoming TSO’d. This is the unit fitted to the LFS Jabirus and is quite a good unit. These cost $2,200 and would need to be installed (cost $????).

    Further investigation and a chat with Jock Folan revealed the Dynon D2, a portable unit which can be temporarily mounted in a standard 3 inch hole in the instrument panel or a RAM suction mount. Whilst it is NOT TSO’d as a backup for the primary instruments it fills my needs perfectly and costs $1,095 with no installation cost :-).

    The prices quoted here are in US$ from  Horsham Aviation as at Feb 2017.

    Needless to say, I now have a reliable standby AH, the Dynon D2 which offers additional info such as GPS ground speed and altitude and an accelerometer (G meter). I will post a pic of the installed unit when I get the opportunity.

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