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    Bugs on leading edges

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    Dave MartyDave Marty
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    How to deal with the annoyance of bugs on leading edges- wings and nose cone predominantly !

    I like to use a bug sponge -which has an open weave cloth over a thin sponge. with the sponge wet ,add a couple of drops of aviation safe detergent. it doesn’t make a mess and if just let dry ,it doesn’t leave much detergent remaining.

    Minimising the bug adhesiveness is a good option.

    Years ago I tried WD40 , but it made a lot of mess

    Not leaving bugs on to dry is great, but cleaning the bugs at destination is the last thing you can be bothered with.

    A very good option is to wax the bug prone areas. Needs to be a pure canuba wax ,and lightly applied every month or so. Bugs just wipe off with a damp cloth or sponge.

    LFC Moderator

    I have a one litre pump up spray bottle which I fill with a light solution of aviation safe detergent and water. Before tying down the aircraft, I spray the leading edges and bug prone areas with the solution. Then I wipe with a cloth starting at the first point I sprayed. The bugs, grass seeds and stuff are easily removed, any stubborn items get another quick spray and wipe.

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