A Sunny Monday at LFC

Lilydale Flying Club came out of its COVID-enforced hibernation on Monday 8 June, re-opening the social calendar with a brilliant lunch at Fergusson Winery. That Monday was such a brilliant afternoon with several aviators taking advantage of superb weather to get in the air. With clear skies from here to Africa and a gentle, smooth sou’-wester, why would you not? Here are some image from the Cathedral Range, Rubicon Valley and Mount Buller, the preferred cruising route that day for Sonya and Steve in Archer DDM in company with Russ Grosvenor in Pioneer 4944.

The Cathedral Range
Looking back along the spine of the Cathedral Range.
Mountains as far as the eye can see.
Mount Buller village,
There was not a lot of snow for what should have been the opening of the ski season.
Not good for skiing, but great for a quick scenic from Lilydale.

Operation Tulla Bucket

Lilydale Flying Club has pulled off a coup! On Saturday, the Wedgetails formation team landed on runway 34 at Melbourne International Airport and was escorted to a parking place in front of the terminal building for a photo shoot. Although historians are yet to confirm, it is believed that this is the first time a formation flight has operated out of ML. The daring team was:

#1 Warrior MGV Graham Bunn and Glenda Smith

#2 Warrior CWW Steve Hitchen

#3 CT-4 PTM “Mango” Murray and Kerry Gerraty

#4 Airtourer FVV Tony Self and Angela Stevenson

#5 Decathlon KAR Jock Folan

This could not have been done without the enthusiastic co-operation from Melbourne Airport Corporation, Airservices Australia, the surface movement guys at Tulla, the tower controllers and photographer Victor Pody.

All of this was to recognise all those aviators out there suffering because of COVID-19 restrictions. We know what you’re going through and we are all in this together.

Special applause for leader Bunny for getting us in and out, Angela and Tony for putting it all together and Air Bosses Murray and Jock for keeping the formation straight and making sure it was all safe.

Have a look at the video below.

2020 Marjy Grosvenor Award

Download the criteria and nomination form below and submit your nomination as soon as possible.

Marjy Grosvenor Award Nomination Form

Marjy Grosvenor Award Criteria

LFC Photo Appreciation Night

Calling all isolated LFC Members

Join the Lilydale Flying Club Zoom Photo Appreciation Night

There’s not a lot of flying being done at the moment and the novelty of working at home is wearing off. Break the cycle of isolation with fellow LFC members with the Zoom Photo Appreciation Night.

Send in your favourite aviation photo that you took, log into the Zoom meeting and tell us all about your shot and talk about other people’s photos.

Photos need to be sent to Tony  Self, who will put them all together in a slide show. You will then be sent a link to Zoom. All you do on the night is click on the link and you’re in. You will need to make sure that you have a camera and microphone on your PC and have access to Zoom.

Tony is standing by to receive your photos and provide help to get you on Zoom. You can get him on tself@hyperwrite.com

It’s all happening at 7.30 pm Thursday 16 April 2020. Go to the following meeting link:


We’re in this together, so let’s be together!

Earthrounder Ryan Campbell departs Frogs Hollow in Doug the Cub.
Blue sky with red and white plane in center
Tony and Angela off the wing of CT4 “Mango” during the trip to Inverloch.
Happy to be here! Julie exits 4944 under the brow of Rawnsley Bluff. (Sonya)
This pressurised P210 lives at Lilydale. A luxurious ride inside!
Yak on the Prowl out of Tyabb gets ready to go home.
LFC’s club shrinking violets Tony and Angela photobomb as Jock taxis to the holding point in the background.

Victor Harbour 2020

LFC conducted another successful fly-away in March this year, this time to Victor Harbour on the long weekend. Landing at Goolwa, the group toured the area taking all the delights on a private coach. One of the highlights was a side trip to the beautiful Aldinga Airport with its array of taildraggers and biplanes and a cafe with a view. Have a look at this selection of shots sent in by Doug Frazer.

A Run to Mallacoota

by Phil Anthony

On Thursday 27 February, Phil Anthony, Anthony James and Phil’s friend Rob flew Anthony’s Bonanza to Mallacoota to observe the bushfire devastation in Gippsland and to meet with two friends who were working in the relief of the township.

Along the way, there were extensive burnt areas and from Orbost flying East, the vast majority of the area we could see had been burnt.

We were greeted at Mallacoota airfield by Brodie and partner from Glasgow, Sandy. Brodie grew up in Mallacoota and was Phil’s daughter’s bridesmaid last year. Her parents’ house narrowly escaped the flames. As they were holidaying in Mallacoota when the fires started, they naturally helped the township recover in the best way they could. They now are working full time. Brodie is running the makeshift youth centre in the closed down newsagency and Sandy as an arborist, clearing damaged trees and rescuing koalas. Brodie hopes that the government will fund the continuation of the youth centre which has filled a need in the community.

After shouting our hosts lunch at the pub, they drove us around the town to show us the extent of the damage from fires. About a quarter of the town’s buildings were destroyed. Already the gums are re-growing but the tea trees will not. The caravan park had re-opened and we noticed many visitors in the town supporting the recovery. The AFL state of origin match the next night was a great way to help the recovery.

Well done and thanks so much to Brodie, Sandy and friends who work so tirelessly in support of the fire-ravaged communities.

A group of LFC pilots are planning to do a similar visit in March.

2020 Tyabb Air Show

Peninsula Aero Club has a proud tradition of supporting local community service clubs from the proceeds of our air shows. The 2020 Airshow is no different with our major beneficiary to be announced shortly.

The club will also be supporting the Tyabb CFA, a vital service for all of us, the Mt Eliza Lions Club which exists to support the community through a variety of initiatives and the Tyabb Football & Cricket Clubs which serve our youth.

Peninsula Aero Club takes great pleasure in presenting the 2020 Air Show. This is one of Australia’s truly great air shows and is only around 30 mins flying time from Lilydale Airport.

Check out www.tyabbairshow.com to read all about this years show.

Mallacoota Recovery Trip

LFC Members.

At the last committee meeting it was discussed what would be the best way for LFC to contribute to the recovery of towns and businesses in the bushfire-effected areas of Victoria. In the end the decision was made that we could simply do what LFC does best: fly to regional areas and spend money there. Consequently we have tentative plans to fly down to Mallacoota for lunch very soon. This could be a day trip or if people wanted to stay overnight, even better. At this stage we have no dates as Mallacoota Airport is still closed to all but the ADF, emergency services and selected relief flight. We will stay in contact with the authorities down there and let you know as soon as the airport is open to the public again.

Right now, we are asking members to put forward their names if they are interested in making this trip. We need a handle on numbers so we can make sure the town would be capable of dealing with the size of the group. If you’re up for this, please send an e-mail to Steve Hitchen hitchy@iinet.net.au soonest.

LFC Cup Weekend Barossa Valley Fly-away

After start delayed by one day due to weather worthy of the depths of winter, 20 people in eight planes traversed the state from Melbourne to Gawler for the LFC cup weekend fly-away. Five planes left from Lilydale, two from Moorabbin and one from Penfield Airport in Sunbury.

Basing ourselves in Angaston with four cars as transport, we spent the weekend taking in the delights of what is perhaps Australia’s premier wine-growing region. Great wine, great food, great scenery and great company. That’s what fly-aways are all about!

People sitting on rock sculpture
Gary and Phil need a rest after walking a full 30 metres from the carpark.
People walking around rock sculptures
The team takes in art at the sculpture park atop Mengeler’s Hill between Angaston and Tanunda.
Eagle rock sculpture
Keeping an eagle eye on the LFC visitors.
Overlooking Tanunda SA
The magnificent view from the sculpture park on the top of Mengeler’s Lookout. The town below is Tanunda.
Person looking through hole in rock sculpture
A sculpture with a hole in it just begs for this shot!
Group of 20 people outside Chateau Tanunda winery.
Outside Chateau Tanunda, where we tasted no wine and bought nothing. Nice place, though.
Chateau Tanunda winery.
Dave stops to smell the roses at Chateau Tanunda.
Cafe in Tanunda.
Our lunch venue. All 20 of us packed into this little cafe in Tanunda.
Man walking along walkway into winery.
Phil takes the long walk into Seppeltsfield winery.
Chateau Yalumba winery.
Chateau Yalumba on the Angaston – Eden Valley road. (Sonya)
Chateau Yalumba Winery
That’s what it’s all about! (Sonya)
Emu statues at Chateau Yalumba.
Emu statues prowling the grounds at Yalumba. (Sonya)
People tasting wine at a bar.
Pitch, Annie and Hitch park up at the bar at Chateau Yalumba in Angaston.
People standing around a swimming pool eating and drinking wine.
Happy hour by the pool at our Angaston motel.
Aeroplanes on the ground.
Our fleet of eight aeroplanes came close to filling the park at Gawler. The only one missing in this shot is Doug and Carmel’s Pipistrel 8657. (Julie)
Two people with an aeroplane.
Gary and Doreen with RV9A VH-OEM. (Sonya)
Aeroplanes on the ground.
Two short-tail Bonanzas were in the fleet: a 1989 F33A and a classic 1961 N35 out of Penfield. (Sonya)
Aeroplanes on the ground.
A section of the fleet is prepared for the trip home. (Sonya)
People pulling an aeroplane along.
VH-SIQ made her LFC fly-away debut. Here it’s all hands on deck as she is towed to the bowser at Gawler. (Sonya)
Person standing on aeroplane wing.
See ya later, Barossa! We’re off back to Lilydale. (Sonya)

2019-20 Memberships Now Available

Lilydale Flying Club Logo

Lilydale Flying Club is once again taking memberships renewals! We have had a sabbatical on membership fees whilst we came up with a better option for banking. Now that has been sorted out we are once again in a position for people to start renewing their memberships.

All memberships are due as of 1 October 2020, and will run for one year. Once again, membership for your whole family is just $30.

The funds will put us on a good footing for future projects that the committee is currently working on and is considering the feedback given to us via the recent member survey. More details on that very soon.

To renew your membership, simply click on the link below and you will be registered as a member and given details of how to transfer the money to the LFC bank account. NOTE: at this time there is no mechanism for paying LFC membership over the counter at the flying school.

LFC Membership Renewal