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    CUP Weekend 2016 Flyaway

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    Dave MartyDave Marty
    LFC Moderator

    This will be a flyaway to Hobart via Bass Straight Islands and either east or west coast Tassie

    Depart Saturday and return Tuesday (cup day I

    Details TBA

    There will be plenty to do in Hobart and hopefully not too busy as its not their long weekend

    Organiser : Dave Marty

    I would like you to lock this into your calenders, and let me know by forum post reply of your interest

    Graeme KaufmanGraeme Kaufman
    LFC Member


    I’m certainly interested!


    LFC Moderator


    You can put Sonya and me down for this one.



    LFC Moderator

    I’m keen, great  opportunity to see a bit more of Tassie

    Bob Irvine


    LFC Member

    Count Doug and Carmel in!





Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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