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    How to Polish Spinners

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    Dave MartyDave Marty
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    For those owners who have an aluminium spinner, we want them looking like chrome but its not legal to have them chromed.

    There is a fantastic and easy way to get your spinner mirror like with little effort. I learnt this from the Beechtalk American forum and it works . I did my spinner 2 years ago and its been easy to keep looking good since

    Step 1:     wipe  spinner with Ali-brite ( Hydrofluoric acid ) Aluminium cleaner     – wear gloves and glasses and do in ventilated area

    Spinner immediately goes a grey hazy colour and looks frightening- like you’ve ruined it . This is NORMAL

    Leave for about 5 minutes and don’t use the ali-brite on the screws around the spinner edge as you don’t want to leave any residue when removed

    Step 2 :   With a different cloth, rub the spinner over with Californian Purple.  A lot of black oxidation comes off ,and a change of cloth is needed.  As you remove all the black stuff your spinner starts to shine. Its possible to get a mirror finish.

    To keep the good finish ,i go over it with just the Californian purple every few months.

    Both products are available at autobarn and supacheap auto

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