LFC Cup Weekend Barossa Valley Fly-away

After start delayed by one day due to weather worthy of the depths of winter, 20 people in eight planes traversed the state from Melbourne to Gawler for the LFC cup weekend fly-away. Five planes left from Lilydale, two from Moorabbin and one from Penfield Airport in Sunbury.

Basing ourselves in Angaston with four cars as transport, we spent the weekend taking in the delights of what is perhaps Australia’s premier wine-growing region. Great wine, great food, great scenery and great company. That’s what fly-aways are all about!

People sitting on rock sculpture
Gary and Phil need a rest after walking a full 30 metres from the carpark.
People walking around rock sculptures
The team takes in art at the sculpture park atop Mengeler’s Hill between Angaston and Tanunda.
Eagle rock sculpture
Keeping an eagle eye on the LFC visitors.
Overlooking Tanunda SA
The magnificent view from the sculpture park on the top of Mengeler’s Lookout. The town below is Tanunda.
Person looking through hole in rock sculpture
A sculpture with a hole in it just begs for this shot!
Group of 20 people outside Chateau Tanunda winery.
Outside Chateau Tanunda, where we tasted no wine and bought nothing. Nice place, though.
Chateau Tanunda winery.
Dave stops to smell the roses at Chateau Tanunda.
Cafe in Tanunda.
Our lunch venue. All 20 of us packed into this little cafe in Tanunda.
Man walking along walkway into winery.
Phil takes the long walk into Seppeltsfield winery.
Chateau Yalumba winery.
Chateau Yalumba on the Angaston – Eden Valley road. (Sonya)
Chateau Yalumba Winery
That’s what it’s all about! (Sonya)
Emu statues at Chateau Yalumba.
Emu statues prowling the grounds at Yalumba. (Sonya)
People tasting wine at a bar.
Pitch, Annie and Hitch park up at the bar at Chateau Yalumba in Angaston.
People standing around a swimming pool eating and drinking wine.
Happy hour by the pool at our Angaston motel.
Aeroplanes on the ground.
Our fleet of eight aeroplanes came close to filling the park at Gawler. The only one missing in this shot is Doug and Carmel’s Pipistrel 8657. (Julie)
Two people with an aeroplane.
Gary and Doreen with RV9A VH-OEM. (Sonya)
Aeroplanes on the ground.
Two short-tail Bonanzas were in the fleet: a 1989 F33A and a classic 1961 N35 out of Penfield. (Sonya)
Aeroplanes on the ground.
A section of the fleet is prepared for the trip home. (Sonya)
People pulling an aeroplane along.
VH-SIQ made her LFC fly-away debut. Here it’s all hands on deck as she is towed to the bowser at Gawler. (Sonya)
Person standing on aeroplane wing.
See ya later, Barossa! We’re off back to Lilydale. (Sonya)